NEEWER T90 aka the octopus tripod is perfect for those outdoors shoots with limited or hard to set up places.
Great for fixed shooting and mobile recording video, the weight and size are easy to carry and portability.
Octopus tripod’s biggest feature is flexibility, not only like the ordinary tripod to hold camera or cell, but it also has ability to fix the tripod in any position, such as tree trunks, railings, bicycle handle, to solve the need for fixed shooting in special environments.
Octopus tripod vs. ordinary tripod
We all know that tripods use three legs stability to support the camera, so it will bring two problems.
1, three feet need to find a place to "stand".
2, after the three legs open, it will occupy space.
An ordinary tripod can limit shooting locations, however, because the octopus can reach narrow spaces, from fixed in a tree, side of the road, guardrails and more.   This tripod can be a good solution to these problems. Setting up your camera has become more convenient than ever before.
Fixed on the bike
NEEWER T90 for Vlogging

1.Microphone GoPro can be used
T90 octopus has a standard 1/4" base, the maximum load capacity of 2KG, can be directly installed micro-single use, with the included phone clip and Gopro base, can also support a variety of cell phones, sports camera equipment installation.
Its three support legs made of high-quality aluminum alloy and high elasticity rubber material, can withstand hundreds of repeated bending is not easy to break.
The tripod can be used as a selfie stick, when propped open can be transformed into a desktop tripod. It can also be bent and installed on various railings, branches, very flexible.

2. Compared with the traditional octopus tripod, T90 has more than 2 removable extension arm, for more convenient installation of fill-in lights, microphones and other accessories.
When we record vlog indoors or outdoors and the light is not good, with pocket light like NEEWER PL81, can significantly improve the brightness of the picture.
The base of the extended arm can also be disassembled and used in combination with the octopus again to expand the application scenario.
3、Weight only 305g, lightweight and portable
T90 total weight is only 305 grams, and only 29 cm after folded, it can easily stuffed into the shoulder bag side bag, easy to pick up.
it can be directly put into the side bag              
4, 360 °rotation, it supports horizontal and vertical shooting with all kinds of selfie
T90’s appearance is very portable, although it seems very light but the stability is particularly firm,  a 360 degree rotation of the ball head is under 1/4 "base, easy to adjust the angle, and support  any angle you want to shoot.
Equipped with a small and exquisite Bluetooth remote control, it support 10 meters of unlimited signal transmission, one person traveling alone can also be happy to take pictures, it is an excellent selfie helper.
Chris F